Terms and Conditions

Important- We are obliged to supply the following information.

When you place an order you are deemed to have read agreed to accepted and be bound by the following. Any reference to "We" or  "Us" or  "Our" means "The Picture Framing Centre"

When you have placed an order for the manufacture or supply of specific goods once those goods have been manufactured and the goods have been paid for in full then title shall pass to you the buyer.

Please be aware that you have no legal right to change your mind or cancel once your order is placed - Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations) and or Customer Contracts Regulations 2013  and or any act which supersedes aforesaid and therefore the "cooling off" period does not apply.No refunds will be given.This includes a no refund policy on delivery and/or postage costs.

This is because the item/s is/are being custom/personalised/specially manufactured for you.

'Ready made frames' are not as such ready made because we do not carry this amount of stock. Carrying this amount of stock would not be feasible. Ready made frames is a term applied to frames that are considered a standardised size eg postcard size printed photo size certificate size and so on. Any order you place for ready made frames simply means you are placing a bespoke custom manufactured order for frames of a 'size that is considered an industry norm'. The frames you are purchasing are not already made and hence the Distance Selling Regulations and or Customer Contracts Regulations 2013 and or any act which may supersede the aforesaid do not apply as stated above reference your right to change your mind, simply because your order is unique and custom bespoke manufactured solely for you.

Goods and services offered for sale on this website may have an indication of pricing. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions and please be aware pricing may alter from time to time. All goods and services for sale are offered on an “invitation to treat” basis until pricing is confirmed by us in writing / via email and there is mutual acceptance and agreement of such price.

You are deemed to have placed an order by sending your item to us to be framed and/or by your verbal and/or written electronic or otherwise instruction for us to undertake work on your behalf.Payment will be by cheque made out to The Picture Framing Centre which must accompany order.We do not accept "cash on delivery" or any other forms of payment unless we specifically agree in writing.

However for the purpose of good business relations and not accepting a diminution of our rights and purely as a goodwill gesture (1) under mentioned may at our sole discretion apply:-

(1) Should you wish to cancel for whatsoever reason on the understanding and acceptance that you have no right to you must inform us prior to our commencing the manufacture of your order and/or us ordering supplies relating to all or any such order.Informing us initially by telephone is acceptable but you must follow this up in writing whether that be via post or email.We shall return the unframed shirt/s/and/or item/s to you utilising the address you have notified us of and that we have in our records at that time and using reputable postal insured delivery.We shall not and cannot be responsible nor liable for any losses suffered by you howsoever and whensoever caused consequential direct indirect or otherwise.

(a) We may and entirely without prejudice and in accordance with (1)abovementioned be prepared on the understanding by you that we have no legal obligation to do so provide you with a refund of monies paid to us equivalent to the face value of the cheque issued by you and payable to us but deduct the cost of us returning the shirts to you plus £10-00 (ten)

All or any refund payment would be paid within a reasonable time scale.

For the purpose of defining "reasonable" and to make clear for the avoidance of doubt and /or confusion we aim to issue refunds within 7 working days.

(2).Should we decide we are unable to proceed with your framing order for whatsoever reason of our determining we shall return the unframed shirt/s/and/or item/s to you utilising the address you have notified us of and that we have in our records at that time and using reputable postal insured delivery.We shall provide you within a reasonable time a full refund of monies paid to us equivalent to the face value of the cheque issued by you payable to us. We shall not and cannot be responsible nor liable for any loss/es and or damage/s suffered by you howsoever and whensoever caused consequential direct indirect or otherwise.

We shall where we have agreed to do so pay the return delivery costs of item/s so sent to us and subsequently returned to you up to a maximum of £10-00 (ten) but shall not and cannot accept responsibility for any loss and/or damage howsoever caused in transit or otherwise. No claim for consequential loss/es damage/s direct or indirect or otherwise will be accepted.

Should we be unable to complete your order due to what we consider inaccurate incomplete unclear or otherwise spurious instruction offered by you condition (1)(a) as abovementioned shall apply.Where we have received items to be framed but no payment for our services has been received from you we shall not return items to you until an appropriate amount of money to cover the cost of sending items back to you is received by us from you.This amount will be determined by us and will include fair handling and or administrative charges or otherwise.

Upon your placement of an order for framing services and purely as a gesture of goodwill we may offer to discount your order by an amount equal to the cost you may pay for postage sending your item/s to us to be framed up to the maximum so specified and agreed by us and accepted by you.

In no way shape nor form in part or indeed at all do we accept responsibility/liability for loss/es consequential damage/s direct or indirect and/or otherwise for item/s lost and/or damaged in transit that you sent/send to us using the postal delivery service of your choosing and nothing contained in this website or otherwise shall indicate nor suggest a recommendation in relation to all or any postal service provider/courier/delivery agent so assumed to be such or assumed to be such by assumed description.

Please refer to the courier of your choice for their terms and conditions.

Should we deem it necessary or that it be deemed neccessary for whatsoever reason to return the item/s you send/sent to us to be framed we shall not and cannot refund the postage costs you have paid nor shall we be responsible and/or liable or otherwise in any shape nor form in part or part thereof or indeed at all for non-receipt by you nor for any loss/es and/or damage /s direct or indirect consequential or otherwise.

Please note that encashment of your cheque does not bind us to accept your order.

Should you feel the need to return to us item/s that we have manufactured that you consider is/are faulty you will be responsible for the cost of:-


Us collecting the item/s (at the current cost in force at such time about which you shall be notified prior to all or any collection thereof but currently 65 pence per mile.)


You returning the item/s to us at our notified address

We shall determine whether a fault exists with the item and/or frame manufacture.Our decision shall be final. Notwithstanding you shall be responsible for all costs returning item/s to you or collecting from our premise.If any fault be alleged with the frame moulding and we decide no fault exists and you disagree this may mean we have to send the moulding off to be analysed by a specialist and/or the moulding manufacturer.Upon receipt of all or any report and assuming said report be in your favour then we shall replace the item on a like for like basis. Should the report be in our favour and no fault is found you shall pay all reasonable cost in relation thereto.You will also be responsible for all cost/s incurred returning the original framed item/s to you thereafter.

Where a customer chooses to have work completed by us and arrange their own choice of courier for collection we cannot and will not accept any liability or responsibility or otherwise in any way shape nor form in part or part thereof for any losses and or damages impossibilities of or lack of performance or otherwise consequential direct indirect or otherwise howsoever caused once the packaged item has been collected and left our premise.The customer must refer to the terms of contract between themselves and the courier of their choice.
Where a customer requests information regarding arranging their own choice of courier our response shall not and must not be interpreted as a recommendation.
Whilst we may as a gesture of goodwill and entirely without prejudice to our rights and remedies liase with the customers courier of choice such as but not limited to for example printing out delivery information to attach to the packaged item to be collected we in no way are acting as agents or otherwise and all or any such liasing cannot and shall not be interpreted or considered as acceptance of liability and or responsibility by us in any way.Once the packaged item has been collected and left our premise our obligations have been fullfilled

Delivery by Courier arranged by us

Effects of The Contract
Transfer of property as between seller and buyer

Where delivery by courier has been requested by you upon placement of your order.

When you order framing online you agree to be bound by our standard terms of conditions . The following is deemed to be read agreed to understood and accepted by you and read in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions to which you agree accept and understand .

When you order framing online and you send goods to us to be framed there is a contract for the sale of specific goods and we are bound to do something to the goods for the purpose of putting them into a deliverable state at which time property will pass once the thing is done and the buyer has been sent notice that it has been done.

Any goods you send to us to be framed are considered unascertained until they are framed and placed into a deliverable state. Once the unascertained goods are placed into a deliverable state and become ascertained goods property/title/risk shall pass to you the buyer .

Passing of Risk.

To re-iterate- once your framed goods are complete property/title in them is passed to you the buyer and the goods are at your (the buyers) risk whether delivery has been made or not.

This means that as soon as the goods are complete we have fulfilled our obligations and are not responsible nor liable for any losses or damages howsoever caused. Additionally once the completed goods are collected by the courier and left our premise we shall not be liable nor responsible in any way shape nor form in part or indeed at all for any losses/damages suffered direct indirect consequential or otherwise or at all.

Your statutory rights are not affected and our rights are protected to the fullest extent the Law permits

We aim to use DHL or UPS or APC as a courier but cannot guarantee a specific courier or delivery date or time.

Simply what this means is that we cannot guarantee couriers on the whole will deliver goods undamaged or even at all. All goods sent by courier shall be sent at your (the buyers) risk and we shall not be responsible for what happens to them nor liable. Remember that couriers may not cover losses caused due to damage in transit due to the nature of the goods being carried and in some cases their failure to perform. Please think carefully before having your items delivered by courier.

Where delivery is made using our personal delivery service you will be charged the price currently in force at such time.Such charge will be per delivery and not per item (up to a maximum number of items agreed by us). Delivery will be to a single address.Your items will arrive in good condition and undamaged although we cannot expect the unexpected such as for example road traffic accidents resulting in partial or total loss or otherwise.In such event we shall pay a maximum of £500 per claim.We shall pay an amount up to £500 on production of conclusive proof  submitted by you of the value of any items that incur damage  during our personal delivery service.

You must notify us about any issues regarding our products within 48 hours of receipt where delivery has been effected by courier or at time of delivery if products are delivered personally or at time of collection from our shop premise.If we are not made aware of any issues within this time period you are deemed to have accepted the products without recourse

Please be aware that from time to time our pricing structure may alter.All prices quoted by us are valid for 14 days from the time and date of such quote unless specifically agreed otherwise and we reserve the right to amend prices without notice.Our informing you of a price is not a binding contract.A contract will only be formed when we agree to sell to you at a specified price and you agree to buy.Your placement of an order shall be in accordance with these terms as you accept and agree by placing an order that you have read agreed to and accepted all such terms herein .Your statutory rights are not affected. All disputes shall be heard in a Court of Law in Blackpool Lancashire England. English Law applies.

Where we offer a price guarantee price match guarantee or a money back guarantee or otherwise we shall decide whether services offered by an alternative framer or otherwise are comparable.Our decision shall be final and you shall have no right of appeal or recourse.

Please be aware that acceptance by us of goods for framing re-framing repair or otherwise is subject to the provisions of The Torts (interference with goods) Act 1977 which confers on us as bailiffs a right of sale exercisable in certain circumstance.Such sale will not take place until we have given notice to the owner in accordance with The Act.

Please also note we have the right to decline to carry out work for you for whatsoever reason of our determining or otherwise and any agreement for work to be carried out by a specific date is purely done as a gesture of good will and is not binding.

Should any of these terms/clause/s condition/s item/s or otherwise be proven unenforcable by Statute and/or an English Court of Law then that shall not mean all or any other term/s clause/sor condition/s herein contained may be declared unenforceable or null or void at all or for that matter any term/s clause/s or condition/s that form the general terms and conditions as set out that you accept.All or any spelling or gramatical errors shall not nullify nor alter nor make void by their alleged or seemingly misconstrued interpretation these conditions in any way shape nor form. Any general fault mistake error or otherwise found with any specific term or condition shall not in any way shape nor form affect the validity of others partly or wholly.

You agree and confirm we have the legal right to photograph items you bring or send to us to be framed and display using whatever medium we so desire. All or any permission if such permission is necessary is automatically granted  by you and is granted irrevocably. Notwithstanding we retain copyright and intellectual property and otherwise regardless

Your Rights - whilst we reserve the right and are able to transfer our rights you cannot.

Your Privacy - we fully respect your privacy 100% and we shall never forward sell distribute lend give your personal and private details to anybody any company or any other 3rd party unless required to do so by Law.We may however use your details to contact you from time to time to inform you about our services to which you consent and give your full permission for us to do.If you wish for us to not contact you about our services or otherwise you must let us know in writing.

Your Use Of This Site And Our Services

You use this site at your own risk and we accept no liability for any losses as a direct or indirect result of all or any use thereof.

We cannot and shall not be responsible nor liable for any problems losses damages or otherwise as a result of any links on this site that you click on and their consequences.You click on links at your own risk.

We do not permit nor allow anyone or anything for whatsoever reason or purpose to utilise distribute sell print display copy re-produce or similar any images text content pages part pages contained in this website nor do we allow nor permit nor authorise the use of software or any other tool or implement or crawler or otherwise similar in nature in order that you may obtain from this website or our server screen captures of all or any webpages or access view receive store other data information or otherwise for whatsoever purpose or reason.We shall take the relevant action for all such unauthorized access. No part or parts of this website in any shape nor form must be reproduced printed distributed etc for whatsoever reason or purpose without our specific written permission.If you take our images or our content without our permission or consent from any of our websites or from any other source to use on your websites or anywhere else you agree to pay us a minimum fee of £150-00 for each such unauthorised usage.This charge does not prohibit us from taking any other form of action or seeking to recover all or any other losses or seek damages or otherwise.

You agree that you will indemnify defend and hold harmless any person acting with our permission for or on our behalf as agents or otherwise of shirtframe.co.uk The Picture Framing Centre including but not limited to owners employees or anyone that we state is connected to us in whatsoever capacity from all or any claims whatsoever and howsoever caused arising from your use of our services or your breaches your infringements or otherwise.

Howsoever wheresoever and for whatsoever reason our rights shall in perpetuity remain in full and protected at all times regardless

Whilst we aim to act swiftly time shall not be of the essence

English Law applies.(UK) We are:- shirtframe.co.uk - 

The Picture Framing Centre
4 Newhouse Road Blackpool Lancashire FY4 4BY Telephone 07952 063 601

Address for formal correspondence:-

shirtframe.co.uk C/O
The Picture Framing Centre
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